Star Rated Split Type


Expert Cooling, Smart Savings

More cooling and more saving now go hand in hand. Certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Cruise star rated air conditioners are high on money savings and low on energy consumption. This is attributed to highly efficient compressor used which utilizes every bit of power to maximize efficiency and cooling.

Cooling Brilliance with Turbo Cool, Multi-Layer Filter, Selectable 4 way Air Swing & Auto Clean Function

The CRA series of Cruise star air conditioners combine the latest in air conditioning technology with features like turbo cooling and auto clean function at the touch of a button. This results in higher COP, consuming less energy and further saving money in your electricity bill. The Cruise star rated ac has a proven track record of performing efficiently with low maintenance and high reliability in the scorching temperatures of the Indian subcontinent.


Looks can be Amazing

Cruise's modern flat panel air conditioner designs merge seamlessly with any room interior to provide a healthy & comfortable environment your heart always desired. It's all new design makes it one of the most compact and elegant split air conditioners available in the market.


In its sleekness hides its beauty and brains

  • Available in 2 TR
  • Vivid LCD Display Remote Control
  • Multi Layer Air Purifying Technology
  • Multi Fan Speeds for Powerful & Quiet Cooling Operation
  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • Selectable Auto Air Swing
  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode
  • Vivid LED Display with Multi Temperature Display
  • Self Diagnosis with Digital Display
  • 24 Hour On-Off Timer
  • 'Turbo' Cooling Button
  • Auto Clean & Anti Mildew Function
  • Auto Restart Function


Technical Specification of Wall Mounted Type CWF

Star Rated Split Type (Wall Mounted Type CWF)
Model Name   CWF 63[2TR]
Function    Cooling
Star Rating    2
Cooling Capacity W 5947
Power Consumption W 2016
Power Supply  V / Hz 220-240/50
Rated Current A 9.5
EER W/W 2.95
Indoor Unit
Sound Levels (H/L) dB (A) 50
Fan Speed (H/M/L) rpm 1130/1050/900
Airflow Volume  m3/h 1150
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 1080 x 300 x 220
Package Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 1185 x 395 x 300
Net Weight / Gross Weight kg 18
Outdoor Unit
Condenser Type   Copper
Compressor Type   Rotary 
Output of Fan Motor W 68
Refrigerant Charge  Kg 0.85 (R22)
Air Flow Volume m3/h 2800
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 800 x 690 x 300
Package Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 940 x 750 x 420
Net Weight / Gross Weight Kg 52 / 56
Piping Connections Liquid/mm Φ 6.35
Gas/mm Φ 16
Approx.Cooling Area* sq.ft 240
Key Features
Auto Air Swing 4 Way Selectable
Multi Layer Air Purification Yes
Vivid LCD Display Yes
24 Hour On-Off Timer Yes
Turbo Cooling Yes
Auto Cleaning Yes
Approx Cooling Area* sq. ft. 240
*Area of cooling is subject to outdoor ambient temperature of 35°c & for residential purpose only.
*All Specifications are approximate and are subject to change without any prior notice.