Slim Movable Portable Type


Introducing the most Compact, Stylish & Portable Air conditioner

The Portable Slim is the newest addition to Cruise's line up of portable air conditioners delivering the performance of a full size room air conditioner but at a fraction of its size. It is the first portable ac to sport a beautifully large touch display and the new generation green refrigerant (R 410a) and requires no installation.

Benchmark in Portable cooling, Feather Touch LED Display, Extendable Exhaust Hose & Spot Cooling Accessories

Portable air conditioners are movable units that can be used to cool a specific region in a modular fashion, not requiring permanent installation or cooling small residential spaces and outdoor locations. The unit has a hose that runs from the back of the portable air conditioner to the vent kit from where hot air can be released in the atmosphere. Cruise portable air conditioners can comfortably cool a room that is 120 sq ft or smaller and has a maximum cooling power of 12,000 BTU.


Simply Stunning in Black & White

Combining stunning looks with a slender slim line figure, the new Cruise portable slim combines beauty with brains featuring a new feather touch LED display panel with a highly efficient compressor to deliver maximum cooling with smart savings. The extra slim proportions of the ac help in placing the ac in any corner of the room occupying the least space and adding panache to your existing furniture.


Size Zero Air Conditioning. Advanced Cooling.

  • 100% Copper Condenser
  • R10A Eco –Friendly Refrigerant
  • Remote Control
  • Blue Anti-Corrosive Fins
  • Turbo Mode
  • Auto Self Diagnosis
  • Sleep & Timer Mode
  • Tropical- X Rotary Compressor
  • Premium Designer Panel
  • Digital LED Display
  • 4 Way Airflow
  • Dust Filter

Portable Movable Type - Slim Series
Model Name   CPCAYC-PQ1W12 [1.0 TR]
Function    Cooling
Cooling Capacity W 3517
Power Consumption(Cooling) W 1350
Power Supply V/Hz/Phase 220-240 / 50 / 1
Rated Current(Cooling) A 5.8
EER/COP W/W 2.61
Sound Levels(H/M/L) dB(A) 52
Airflow Volume (H) m3/h 450
Compressor Type   Rotary
Refrigerant Type   R410
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 318 x 710 x 528
Package Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 383 x 869 x 568
Net Weight kg 30
Gross Weight kg 33
Applicable Cooling Area* sq.ft. 80 - 110
*Area of cooling is subject to outdoor ambient temperature of 35^C & for residential purpose only.
*All Specifications are approximate and are subject to change without any prior notice.


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